I’m Niteesh, a Product and Type designer working on the convergence of digital products and typography. Currently researching on future interfaces for Augmented Reality headsets

The research started as part of my Master’s at the University of Reading, UK (2017) which has now turned into an independent project. Know more




AR/VR Research

Explore my research on typography for Augmented Reality headsets which is shaping into AR guidelines.

Product Design

Projects that I have worked on as part of my full-time job at Paytm, Formzero, Headout.


Type heavy design projects including identity, lettering, illustrations for clients like Snapchat, adidas, Adobe…


A section dedicated to sharing my learnings: articles, lists, videos for learners like you.

Featured Articles on AR

Type Consultation

Recently I have opened doors for Type consultation to help startups and brands up their Type game and reach a global audience. Being a Type Designer working on digital products I can help you with expansion into global scripts, localization and creating design systems that are capable of working with different languages. The consultation includes audits, type system, guidelines for your design systems, optimization of typography for web usage, font licensing and more based on your needs.

Talks & Workshops

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to give talks and workshops to share my learnings with a wide range of people from different design domains, enabling me to travel across the globe. I give presentations on typography, product design and future interfaces in augmented reality. You can find my recent talk from TypeTech Munich on “Future of Typography in Augmented reality” here. Feel free to leave a word to invite me to speak at your event.

Recent Workshop & Talks

The Typographic Shift

DesignUp 2021


Jun 2021

Emerging Variables in Typography for AR

ATypI Tech Talks ’21


May 2021

UI/UX Type and Typography

TypeTech Meetup

Panel Discussion

November 2020

Why we need new Typefaces for Augmented Reality?

ATypI Conference ’20


October 2020

Typography for Global Projects

For Paytm Design


September 2020

Future of Typography in Augmented Reality

TypeTech ’20, Munich


March 2020

Recent Projects


Bhand Enamel Mug

Can’t Stop Sticker

Pride Sticker

Dope Enamel Mug

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