Multi-disciplinary designer and independent researcher exploring the new avenues of emerging tech. Currently focussing on bridging the gaps between tech limitations and the best possible user experience for users in XR headsets.


Product Designer at Meta, based in London. Previously designed experiences at scale for Headout, Paytm.


The research started as part of my Master’s at the University of Reading, UK (2017) that has now turned into an independent project.

XR Lab

Independent Research

Niteesh Yadav's 4 part series on typography for AR is now the standard on the topic.

Jon Lax VP Design, Reality Labs, Meta


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Learnings and advice from a conversation with one of the leaders I admire:
😇 Be present at the moment and don't lose opportunities in hand to make an impact thinking just of future ones.
🏋️‍♂️Continue to push for things but don't overdo them.
🌅 Be willing to make new decisions.

Sony's VR headset prototype with 4K OLED micro-display. Whopping 8K resolution for both eyes. The project is being developed at Sony’s R&D Center that was revealed as a part of 'Sony Technology Day'.

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