Multi-disciplinary designer and independent researcher exploring the new avenues of emerging tech. Currently focusing on bridging the gaps between tech limitations and the best possible user experience for users in XR headsets.


Product Designer at Meta, based in London. Previously designed experiences at scale for Headout, Paytm and several early stage startups, since 2011.


The research started as part of my Master’s at the University of Reading, UK (2017) that has now turned into an independent project.


XR Lab

Independent Research

New concepts need clear explanations. Mixed reality is upon us, and these guidelines from Niteesh make plain some of the key challenges that lay ahead for text — from technical details to reading experiences.

Tim Brown Head of Typography, Adobe

Niteesh Yadav's 4 part series on typography for AR is now the standard on the topic.

Jon Lax VP Design, Reality Labs, Meta

Selected Talks


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Currently, variable fonts are not supported in real headset-based AR! So whenever you are writing about typography & using it in an AR context please mention that you are talking about smartphone-based AR. This is a common mistake in most of the top design blogs writing about it.

For years, I wrote about the evolution of typography & user experience in XR, but I've recently realized that impact cannot be measured solely by likes. I met several people (most for the first time) who already knew about my work not just in design but engineering and research.

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