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Dope Enamel Mug



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A mug for all your drinking needs tea, coffee or any other favourite drink. This mug has got you covered and it will be your best buddy for all your outdoor adventures too.
The cup is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze and fired at a high temperature. It prevents rusting so that the metal does not form an oxide layer on the surface when heated and resists various liquid erosion.

Material: Enamel coated metal

Drop safe
Heating friendly.
Acid and alkali corrosion resistant.
Free Delivery (All India)

Note: These are handcrafted products so they may have small imperfections however we quality check before sending the product to you.

Every production process of enamel requires manual operation, which determines the imperfect characteristics of enamel. If you are not familiar with enamel then don’t be alarmed by small black spots inside or outside. In fact, as long as they are enamel products, there will inevitably be black spots (especially white glaze and the inside of the food utensils is a white glaze, eliminating colourants).

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 8 cm

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