Paytm for Business

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UI Design


UX Design

Year: 2017

Paytm for Business app is designed for merchants and businesses to manage the payments accepted through Paytm. It makes it easier for the business’ to run smoothly without the hassle of keeping a log of every transaction. The built-in QR code functionality enables easy payments and effort-less payments where the merchants can track the transactions linked to every QR code/POS id. These are some of the basic functionalities beyond which the app features in-depth payment management system.
This project has been carried out with intense research on the behaviour of merchants and complex and challenging aspects of businesses and the way they function in India. Several scenarios have been carefully studied through first-hand research to make it easier for the merchants to cross-check payment validation even by non-smartphone users. Such as in the case of petrol pumps where the assigned workers get notifications of successful payments without the need to have the app, which is usually managed by the pump manager/owner.
Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about the complex layers of the project my responsibility as a product designer and the design process.

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