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UI Design



Year: 2015

FormZero is a technology-driven firm on a mission to make the application process easier and hassle-free. It has been working hard to solve the challenges faced by applicants/users while filling forms and making payments via online and offline modes. FormZero’s robust system with quick customer support ensures the best experience for both, the applicants and the institutions managing the application process.

It has been handling applications some big institutions such as Banaras Hindu University (BHU), one of the oldest and reputed universities in India. Which gets applications from across the country including applicants who are new to the internet. This brings in several new challenges to make the process easier for these new users. And FormZero has been constantly improving the experience based on the feedback and customer support queries received during every application cycle.

While working at FormZero as a UI Designer I have handled the complete overhaul of the portal including the backend for institutions to manage the application process.

Note: All the data used in the images are faked, it is for representational purpose only

Design Approach

The new design is based on the research done while studying the behaviour of people and how they search for college applications. Key insights were drawn from the problems faced by the users on the previous version of the website and their feedback via social media and customer support queries.
The portal follows the key pattern of “search, apply and track” where users can directly search the wide variety of queries such as school, college, course etc. and get results in a single step. It reduces the hassle to scroll through the listings on the home page and then got to search when they don’t find what they are looking for. Once the user gets the results they can refine their search using the filters. The most complex structure in terms of the hierarchy is there for universities which are further divided into colleges and courses. However, the system is flexible enough to show the appropriate results and visually distinguish the search results based on the size of the search result blocks.

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