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On a quest to use my skills to do something good


India Through Type series aims to bring out some unique and interesting aspects of India through Typography based experiments. It also focusses on some important aspects such as dying crafts which are in a dire need of being brought to limelight. Simply talking about these and putting forward the same old stuff will not work as it has been tried several times in past. So this is the reason I am working on the creating a new experience for these things.

Grab the attention (Through my designs)- Inform (Background details)- and Provoke (to know more/ visit the place/ try things out) For every piece I am working directly with the artisans of respective crafts by visiting their native places, learning the whole process and finally deriving the designs which are mix of traditional designs, typography and certain aspects which make them appealing for the present generation.

This series is part of Finding.Design, an initiative to find an answer to a simple question (pun intended), What is Indian Design? Here if I say Design then it is about the Visual/Graphic Design. For this, I have been traveling to different places across India to experience art/ crafts and design which have been practiced out of the Design studios for centuries and still couldn’t make their way into Design domain in any way.

All the research on craft was done as part of this project. I have put Finding.Design on hold as I got sick while traveling and had to take a month-long break to recover from it.  You can have a look at the finished pieces below.

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The ultimate aim is to compile a book and an exhibition to achieve the goal of awareness and provoking action in response to it. Also, I have a feeling that it can help spread awareness about Design as a career option in India since it will make people familiar with terms like typography and design.

I have been self-funding this project out of my savings as I always wanted to utilize my skills to help people. Past 6 months have been hard on me as I had to say No to some of the major projects that I wanted to do but I had no room because of the scale of this project.

Niteesh Yadav

Posted on: 31/06/16

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